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The Pandaren Starting Zone Questing Experience, Parts 6 & 7 – The Conclusion!


Greetings folks!

Sorry for the delay in posting these last two parts, it wasn’t the editing taking long so much as having a number of different things all hit at once in the last few weeks – Mists of Pandaria of course being one of those.

Well, here it is, the final two installments in the series and the conclusion to the entire Pandaren Starting Zone Experience!

The OverLores Crew will be meeting up soon to record our final thoughts on the starting zone as well as our initial thoughts on the Mists of Pandaria expansion, which will go out on the audio feed.

Until then, I have plans on stripping the audio from the video series and posting that on the audio feed as well.  It will be quite lengthy, with 7 videos averaging just over 30 minutes each, but this will help those listeners that have let me know that they have a difficult time watching the videos but still want to hear our experiences in the starting zone.

I truly hope you enjoyed watching this video series as much as we enjoyed recording it!





The OverLores Videocast: The Pandaren Starting Zone, Part 4!


The OverLores Crew delve back into the Pandaren Starting zone yet again for Part 4 of the continuing series!

Kharendos joins Rilandune to finish up the starting zone experience.

We explore the lore and storyline of the epic Pandaren Starting Zone Experience. Join us as we take you through the Pandaren lore, so when Mists of Pandaria launches, you don’t have to miss a thing, even if you rush through the zone to get to level!

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The OverLores Videocast: The Pandaren Starting Zone, Part 3!


This week Tarinae, Rilandune and Nevik delve back into the lore and storyline of the Pandaren Starting zone in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria! Join us in this third part of the continuing series, as we explore all that the Pandaren zone has to offer so that you can powerlevel your way thorugh, but not miss a thing!

We fully anticipate the majority of the WoW playing base rushing their way through 90 levels and missing all the great story the game has to offer, so we hope to help by showing you what your missing in these videos!

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Videocast: The Worgen Questing Experience – Dark Shore!



This week Rilandune, Nevik, Tarinae and Kharendos go back onto their Worgen characters that were used for the in-game audio shows oh so long ago, and had a blast trying to re-sync their quests in Dark Shore!


Fun banter as always, and Nevik making a great deal of Diablo 3 references (go figure)  =P


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The Forsaken Starting Zone, in Video! [Part 1]


Rilandune and Nevik are joined by Special Guest Michele Morrow!

You will of course remember Michele from our Lady Sylvanus short-story episode.

This week we delve into The Forsake Starting Zone.

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And make sure to check out The Celestial Defender for an excellent World of Warcraft blog in FRENCH! :)


The OverLores Episode 26 – Feelings, a Mullet, and a Keytar!


The OverLores Episode 26 – Feelings, a Mullet, and a Keytar!

This week Ril and Nevik are joined by none other than the LeetSauced crew! (Make sure to check out the LeetSauced podcast, but be forewarned, they are definitely an NSFW show, not the family-friendly-fair of The OverLores, but it is a raucously good time!). You can find the shows twitter account here:

What happened this past week? Wait, you don’t know… seriously? Yes you do! Mists of Pandaria information embargo drops!

So we 5 had a great discussion of snippets of the Mists news we gleaned from such places as MMO-Champion –

We could not possibly go over all the Mists goodness there is to be had, so stay tuned for more fun-filled OverLores shows such as this!

Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy!

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