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The OverLores Videocast: The Pandaren Starting Zone [Part 1]


This week Tarinae, Rilandune and Nevik delve into the lore and storyline of the Pandaren Starting zone in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria! Join us as we explore all that the Pandaren zone has to offer so that you can powerlevel your way thorugh, but not miss a thing!

We fully anticipate the majority of the WoW playing base rushing their way through 90 levels and missing all the great story the game has to offer, so we hope to help by showing you what your missing in these videos!

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The Forsaken Starting Zone, in Video! [Part 1]


Rilandune and Nevik are joined by Special Guest Michele Morrow!

You will of course remember Michele from our Lady Sylvanus short-story episode.

This week we delve into The Forsake Starting Zone.

You can find all of Michele’s info here: – website – twitter – facebook

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And make sure to check out The Celestial Defender for an excellent World of Warcraft blog in FRENCH! :)


The Video Cast Has BEGUN!


On the show we’ve been discussing doing video casts and we are finally set up for it and ready to go!

This is the first try, Episode Zero, just to get my feet wet to see that I’m doing it properly :)

Please watch and give me any critiques at all in the comments here, thanks!

This coming week we will be recording with a special guest the Forsaken starting zone experience, in video, and posting it to YouTube, so STAY TUNED! If you are a regular listener to the show, you’ll know who the special guest will be, as that person is who suggested the Forsaken starting zone as a video experience to begin with ;)



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