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The OverLores Heroically Random Edition 5


The OverLores crew recorded this Heroically Random edition of the show quite some time ago, but again I have no “good” way of exporting the audio, and procrastination kept me from doing it sooner, of course :)

Enjoy this, the 5th edition of the Heroically Random OverLores recordings – and don’t forget to check out Heroically Random 2.0 with myself and Nevik over at!





Heroically Random Episode 2 – Twilight Porn, My Clack, Official OverLores Hiatus Status


Greetings folks!

It’s been a long, long time since we’ve recorded anything / posted anything, and that is entirely my fault.

I’ve talked about this a bit on Twitter, but haven’t made an official announcement which is very much not cool, and I do apologize about that – The OverLores is now on official hiatus status.  I’m not playing WoW at the moment, having cancelled my sub to take a bit of a breather.  I was getting considerably burned out and it got to the point where I simply wasn’t enjoying my time in game, so it was time for me to step back.

When I do return to WoW, know that The OverLores will be back in full swing.

For now though, the gang got together to record a Heroically Random episode, and moving forward we are going to be doing these with more regularity.  Not entirely sure of the format just yet, but we’re working on a few ideas and look forward to recording together more frequently, as we are all good friends and hate that our crazy schedules prevent us from talking more.

I’ll be setting up a new feed for future Heroically Random shows, likely posting them on my own site, because it wouldn’t be cool to continue to use Fimlys’s bandwidth if I’m not producing a WoW show :)

Stay tuned to all of our Twitters for more announcements for future HR goodness.

Cheers folks!





Announcing The #IBlameRil Contest! With Loot Card Prizes!


Greetings Folks!

You have of course noticed that we haven’t posted a show in the last 2 weeks.  Naturally, We Blame Ril (that’d be me).

Work has been absolutely, obnoxiously, and ridiculously busy, extending my already ludicrous hours even further, wearing me out considerably, and rendering me near comatose by the time I actually leave the office.  Add to that my decent into zombification – thanks to the gentleman I work with who is a great guy but is Patient Zero in the inevitable zombie apocalypse AND a close-talker.

Those two factors combine to form “Super-Useless-Ril” - unable to leap tall buildings in any number of bounds, keep his eyes open once recording time comes around, or speak with any semblance of the English language.  Hence, no show recordings these past 2 weeks.

However YOU, yes YOU can take advantage of my plague ridden, exhausted state by entering into our contest - The #IBlameRil Contest!

“How do I enter?” you might ask.  It’s easy!  You can leave a comment on this post on our website (, like and comment on this post on our Facebook page (, +1 and comment on this post on our Google+ page (, or send us message on Twitter (@TheOverLores) with the hash tag #IBlameRil.

In your comment or your tweet simply list something that has happened in World of Warcraft either to you or to a friend or guildie, or even make up a circumstance, that you blame Ril (me) for.  Be creative!  The most creative response will win a Sandbox Tiger loot card!!  We will then chose two random responses, one of which will receive the Paint Bomb loot card, and  the other the Slash Dance loot card.


Contest ends September 25th (I wonder why I picked that date?) after which the judging will take place, and loot codes will be sent via email, DM, Facebook message, G+ message, etc. within a week.  Know that no priority or favored status is assigned to any of the means of entering, all entries will go into the same pool.  Multiple entries, ie. entering at each of the contest locations, is absoultely allowed, and each entry will enter into the mix for the random response prizes, even if it is the same moment you are blaming Ril for, so feel free to enter your terrible happenstance that you blame Ril for on each platform!



PS. While on these platforms, make sure to subscribe to, follow, circle, like, the show’s page so that you can receive future info about audio and video shows being posted, contests, questions for the audience, etc.!!

The OverLores Videocast: The Pandaren Starting Zone [Part 1]


This week Tarinae, Rilandune and Nevik delve into the lore and storyline of the Pandaren Starting zone in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria! Join us as we explore all that the Pandaren zone has to offer so that you can powerlevel your way thorugh, but not miss a thing!

We fully anticipate the majority of the WoW playing base rushing their way through 90 levels and missing all the great story the game has to offer, so we hope to help by showing you what your missing in these videos!

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Heroically Random Episode 1! Steam Summer Sale + Beer + The Avengers


Heroically Random Episode 1! Steam Summer Sale + Beer + The Avengers

What happens when Ril flubbs the show notes and picks a topic that is essentially uncoverable?  Heroically Random, that’s what!  This is the conversation that took place between Rilandune, Nevik, and Kharendos after finding out that Ril’s plans for the evening were moot.

Sadly Tarinae could not join us because Ril sent out the invite day-of.  Sorry Tar!!! <3

We talk gaming, the Steam Summer Sale, comic books, beer, movies, The Avengers, and more.

Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy!

Videocast: The Worgen Questing Experience – Dark Shore!



This week Rilandune, Nevik, Tarinae and Kharendos go back onto their Worgen characters that were used for the in-game audio shows oh so long ago, and had a blast trying to re-sync their quests in Dark Shore!


Fun banter as always, and Nevik making a great deal of Diablo 3 references (go figure)  =P


Head to the YouTube page and like / subscribe to help out the show!  Comments are ALWAYS welcome!!





The Forsaken Starting Zone, in Video! [Part 1]


Rilandune and Nevik are joined by Special Guest Michele Morrow!

You will of course remember Michele from our Lady Sylvanus short-story episode.

This week we delve into The Forsake Starting Zone.

You can find all of Michele’s info here: – website – twitter – facebook

You can find the show and hosts at:

And make sure to check out The Celestial Defender for an excellent World of Warcraft blog in FRENCH! :)


The OverLores Episode 25 – Lor’themar Theron Faction Leader Short Story, In Theory


The OverLores Episode 25 – Lor’themar Theron Faction Leader Short Story, In Theory

This week the OverLores crew is sans one Kharendos who was celebrating his 30th birthday!!! (Wish him a happy birthday on Twitter, please –

However, we had our favorite Purple Strapped Robot Wolfcat back! Tarinae joined us yet again to discuss this episodes topic:

The Faction Leader Short Story – Lor’themar Theron: In the Shadow of the Sun This story, written by Sarah Pine (who always wrote the Garrosh Hellscream story) was the 2008 Blizzard Creative Writing Contest.

Tarinae did announce her new endeavor, of which I will link here: The Fiction Pixie – so head over to her new site and support everyone’s favorite Wolfcat! The site is BEAUTIFUL so make sure to check it out!

This faction story is of course concerning the Blood Elves. It takes place at the close of the Sunwell campaign and just as the forces of Azeroth are mounting to march into Northrend.

Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy!

The OverLores Episode 24 – Edge of Morrow, Wolfcat Returns!


The OverLores Episode 24 – Edge of Morrow, Wolfcat Returns!

This week the OverLore crew is joined by special guest Michele Morrow, actress, writer for Hello Giggles, and devoted fan of Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, a perfect guest to discuss the Lady Sylvanas Windrunner faction leader short story: Edge of Night.

As always we highly encourage you to read the story ahead of listening the show, not only to avoid spoilers, but also to be able to fully immerse yourself in the conversation. This fantastic leader story was written by none other than Dave Koask, Warcraft webcomic artist, now Lead Quest Designer for Blizzard.

As if having one amazing guest was not enough, we have none other than The OverLores own Tarinae, our favorite Purple Strapped Robot Wolfcat, returning for a guest appearance that will hopefully turn into a regular co-host spot once again! Please drop her a line on twitter to tell her how much you’ve missed her, we the hosts sure have! (

Make certain to check out Michele’s facebook page as well, and give it a “like”, as it is a very subtle campaign to show Blizzard her interest in playing Lady Sylvanas in the upcoming World of Warcraft film!


The OverLores Episode # 16 – Garrosh, Giggles, and Go Mat Go!


The OverLores Episode 16 – Garrosh, Giggles, and Go Mat Go!

We find ourselves being guested by our favorite and most frequent honorary OverLore, Anne Stickney from WoW Insider and All Things Azeroth. And… she brought a friend! That’s right, Mat McCurely from WoW Insider join us for this in depth conversation of the Garrosh Hellscream short story, part of the continuing series of leader stories for the Horde and Alliance – Garrosh Hellscream: Heart of War by Sarah Pine.

It was, as can only be expected from our great guests, a fantastic show with more lore than anyone can handle… which is of course the perfect amount.

Rilandune and Kharendos chaired the conversation for The OverLores.

Sit back and enjoy, Garrosh Hellscream: Heart of War, OverLores style.


Make certain to check out Mat’s video podcast series he is doing on YouTube! It’s called wowMatwow and is all about, you guessed it, WoW! You can find Mat’s user page here:

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