Greetings folks!

Sorry for the delay in posting these last two parts, it wasn’t the editing taking long so much as having a number of different things all hit at once in the last few weeks – Mists of Pandaria of course being one of those.

Well, here it is, the final two installments in the series and the conclusion to the entire Pandaren Starting Zone Experience!

The OverLores Crew will be meeting up soon to record our final thoughts on the starting zone as well as our initial thoughts on the Mists of Pandaria expansion, which will go out on the audio feed.

Until then, I have plans on stripping the audio from the video series and posting that on the audio feed as well.  It will be quite lengthy, with 7 videos averaging just over 30 minutes each, but this will help those listeners that have let me know that they have a difficult time watching the videos but still want to hear our experiences in the starting zone.

I truly hope you enjoyed watching this video series as much as we enjoyed recording it!