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The OverLores Heroically Random Edition 5


The OverLores crew recorded this Heroically Random edition of the show quite some time ago, but again I have no “good” way of exporting the audio, and procrastination kept me from doing it sooner, of course :)

Enjoy this, the 5th edition of the Heroically Random OverLores recordings – and don’t forget to check out Heroically Random 2.0 with myself and Nevik over at!





Heroically Random Episode 2 – Twilight Porn, My Clack, Official OverLores Hiatus Status


Greetings folks!

It’s been a long, long time since we’ve recorded anything / posted anything, and that is entirely my fault.

I’ve talked about this a bit on Twitter, but haven’t made an official announcement which is very much not cool, and I do apologize about that – The OverLores is now on official hiatus status.  I’m not playing WoW at the moment, having cancelled my sub to take a bit of a breather.  I was getting considerably burned out and it got to the point where I simply wasn’t enjoying my time in game, so it was time for me to step back.

When I do return to WoW, know that The OverLores will be back in full swing.

For now though, the gang got together to record a Heroically Random episode, and moving forward we are going to be doing these with more regularity.  Not entirely sure of the format just yet, but we’re working on a few ideas and look forward to recording together more frequently, as we are all good friends and hate that our crazy schedules prevent us from talking more.

I’ll be setting up a new feed for future Heroically Random shows, likely posting them on my own site, because it wouldn’t be cool to continue to use Fimlys’s bandwidth if I’m not producing a WoW show :)

Stay tuned to all of our Twitters for more announcements for future HR goodness.

Cheers folks!





Heroically Random Episode 1! Steam Summer Sale + Beer + The Avengers


Heroically Random Episode 1! Steam Summer Sale + Beer + The Avengers

What happens when Ril flubbs the show notes and picks a topic that is essentially uncoverable?  Heroically Random, that’s what!  This is the conversation that took place between Rilandune, Nevik, and Kharendos after finding out that Ril’s plans for the evening were moot.

Sadly Tarinae could not join us because Ril sent out the invite day-of.  Sorry Tar!!! <3

We talk gaming, the Steam Summer Sale, comic books, beer, movies, The Avengers, and more.

Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy!

The OverLores Episode 27 – Prophet Velen is a Barbarian!


The OverLores Episode 27 – Prophet Velen is a Barbarian!

This week Rilandune, Nevik, and Kharendos are joined again by Matt Rossi of WoW Insider! We had Matt on way back when for our discussion of the Baine Bloodhoof short story.

Matt has returned this time for an academic discussion of Barbarians in Diablo 3… well, actually to talk about the short story – Velen: Prophet’s Lesson. This is, of course, the faction leader story for the Draenei leader, Prophet Velen.

We had a great time talking about the story, the Draenei, and of course a little pinch of Diablo 3 for flavor.

Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy!

The OverLores Episode 26 – Feelings, a Mullet, and a Keytar!


The OverLores Episode 26 – Feelings, a Mullet, and a Keytar!

This week Ril and Nevik are joined by none other than the LeetSauced crew! (Make sure to check out the LeetSauced podcast, but be forewarned, they are definitely an NSFW show, not the family-friendly-fair of The OverLores, but it is a raucously good time!). You can find the shows twitter account here:

What happened this past week? Wait, you don’t know… seriously? Yes you do! Mists of Pandaria information embargo drops!

So we 5 had a great discussion of snippets of the Mists news we gleaned from such places as MMO-Champion –

We could not possibly go over all the Mists goodness there is to be had, so stay tuned for more fun-filled OverLores shows such as this!

Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy!

The OverLores Episode 25 – Lor’themar Theron Faction Leader Short Story, In Theory


The OverLores Episode 25 – Lor’themar Theron Faction Leader Short Story, In Theory

This week the OverLores crew is sans one Kharendos who was celebrating his 30th birthday!!! (Wish him a happy birthday on Twitter, please –

However, we had our favorite Purple Strapped Robot Wolfcat back! Tarinae joined us yet again to discuss this episodes topic:

The Faction Leader Short Story – Lor’themar Theron: In the Shadow of the Sun This story, written by Sarah Pine (who always wrote the Garrosh Hellscream story) was the 2008 Blizzard Creative Writing Contest.

Tarinae did announce her new endeavor, of which I will link here: The Fiction Pixie – so head over to her new site and support everyone’s favorite Wolfcat! The site is BEAUTIFUL so make sure to check it out!

This faction story is of course concerning the Blood Elves. It takes place at the close of the Sunwell campaign and just as the forces of Azeroth are mounting to march into Northrend.

Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy!

The OverLores Episode # 20 – Been A Long Long Time


The OverLores Episode 20 – Been A Long Long Time

We are back! Very sorry about the long, very unplanned for break. Between schedules not syncing and both Nevik and Rilandune becoming zombies (got the flu) two different weeks, it was just impossible for us to get together to record. We finally got together this week and despite Ril (me) being noticeably congested and succumbing to yet another zombification (I just love my coworkers and their terrible hygiene and propensity for closs-talking, /sarcasm) we had a great show.

There was no set lore topic really, just a catching up, and some announcements and requests made on our part.

We would like to hear from you all out there in podcast land. We’d love to hear more feedback via email ( and we are looking for folks in the community to submit audio segments. I know there are a great deal of talented audio folks listening so we would love to hear what you come up with in terms of segments for the show!

Also, if there is someone out there you would like us to have as a guest, let us know! If you yourself would like to come on the show, let us know!!


Drinks of the evening:
Rilandune: Anchor Steam Beer (that was a mistake, should have had tea instead)
Nevik: Godiva Caramel Bark coffee
Kharendos: ?

We had so much going on in twitter that we decided to post here the full rundown instead of detail it at the end of the show, so here it is:


From Twitter

Just because Lady Illidarian is awesome
@Boobookittybone: Hiya!

Hijacking Group Quest
@RzBg: @TheOverlores @groupquest and I will keep twitter advised on the arrest of @_damari for epic creepiness :P

@_Damarai: @RzBg @TheOverlores @groupquest This is Damarai coming to you live from RzBg’s bedroom… they’ll never catch me here…

@RzBg: send help! o.0 @_Damarai @TheOverlores @groupquest

@Danslatable: @TheOverlores If my raid wasn’t completely screwed without me (heh), I would’ve come. Darn it…

Regarding the “lost episode 17”
@Rzorblayd: @TheOverlores you guys didn’t do the whole thing in gnome voices, did you? lol

Audio Oddness
@nevikjames: Holy moly. Did @Rilandune & I really talk over each other as much as we did or did Ril edit the heck out of ep18(17)?

@Kharendos: @nevikjames @rilandune @theoverlores Yes.

@RzorBlayd: Listening to it now, there’s a lot of stuff going on lol

@nevikjames: Somehow @Rilandune desync’d my audio track in @TheOverlores ep18(17). I promise you that I don’t walk over Ril like that. Really.

@Rilandune: @TheOverlores @nevikjames that’s really odd, I didn’t adjust the timing on the tracks. Hmmm, very strange. Sorry!

Always knew there was something off about him …
@RzBg: yay for new @TheOverlores with promise of not just gah-nomes but also crazy derailed nonsense… sounds good to me!

When isn’t “Arr Zee Bee Gee” mad?
@RzBg: man @TheOverlores 17/18 really was delayed, I had forgotten my mocking tweets. Totally unfounded, the madness is 100% natural apparently :D

It isn’t his only failing …
@RzBg: @nevikjames and I’ve now heard @TheOverlores @hordehouse and @GGWshow gotten on rzbg=razerbug ‘on air’ #badtwittername :P

Rilandune is WRONG
@gravenau: @TheOverlores @Rilandune @nevikjames damn you Ril for ep 18 making me agree not once but twice with Nevick #moviefail

@Rilandune: @gravenau @TheOverlores Never, ever, ever, EVER agree with @nevikjames – it is very bad for ones health, believe me

@gravenau: @Rilandune @TheOverlores @nevikjames I know look what happened to Steve Jobs after Nevick got him [to] ban my comments

Hygiene is important for an enjoyable listening experience
@Danslatable: Gonna hit the shower, then listen to @TheOverlores while drawing a bit.

Regarding our episode with Matthew Rossi
@RzBg: time for @Theoverlores, it’s off to a good start as I have no idea what’s funny about Steve Nix :-S

@RzBg: @MatthewWRossi making me grin on @TheOverlores being left at 3rd base by the magical man who can read sounds. Now that’s a turn of phrase! XD

We@Rioriel: A for @TheOverlores: “Princes grow into kings, and days fade into nights.” #Warcraft

The people have spoken!
@nevikjames: Fans of @TheOverlores I need your help. We MUST do the Undead starting exp but @Rilandune is being a big baby. Please help me convince him!

@Brejapriest: @nevikjames @theoverlores @rilandune Come on Ril, the Forsaken starting zone is like a horror show and you get to run around with Darnell!

@Cypher_X: @nevijames @theoverlores @rilandune Of all the starting zones I’ve done, the new Undead was the tightest story with the best quests.

@Rilandune: @RzBg @Brejapriest @Cypher_X You are all right, of course. I’ll do the Undead starting zone and release it as an @theoverlores episode 0.o

@RzBg: @Rilandune @Brejapriest @Cypher_X going hold, to RP burn the rest of the @theoverlores? ;P

@RzBg: @Rilandune @nevikjames @TheOverlores before you guys run the forsaken area, check out the KYL by @Shadesogrey it’s a great chin scratcher! [Link included in link section]

Again, what is he babbling about?
@RzBg: awesome cover of call it the blues after @TheOverlores


Anne Stickney’s (Shade) Tin Foil Hat edition KYL on Tirisfal Glades

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