The OverLores Episode 17 – Lady Illy Classes Up The Joint!

An astute listener will likely hear me introduce this show as episode 18, that is because this was recorded after the episode that would have been 17 but that episode was so substantially can considerably derailed by myself, Nevik, and Kharendos, that I found editing it to be more overwhelming than I could handle, so I edited this show first for a simply swap.

Also, I’m certain you’ll notice it’s been a few weeks since we last posted an episode, I repeat the overwhelmed word. Summer is very rough for scheduling, and for me professionally speaking, and the weather hasn’t helped (it’s INSANELY HOT in Philadelphia in summer =( ) and life has just pretty much swallowed me alive and pooh’d me out into the hot, steamy mess that is the North Eastern U.S. and our horrific weather of late.

As for this episode, Illy and I had a FANTASTIC discussion of the Council of the Three Hammers story and as we all know from last we met Lady Illy, she is the awesome.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy Lady Illy and Ril’s conversation of The Council of the Three Hammers faction leader short story!