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The OverLores Heroically Random Edition 5


The OverLores crew recorded this Heroically Random edition of the show quite some time ago, but again I have no “good” way of exporting the audio, and procrastination kept me from doing it sooner, of course :)

Enjoy this, the 5th edition of the Heroically Random OverLores recordings – and don’t forget to check out Heroically Random 2.0 with myself and Nevik over at!





Heroically Random Episode 2 – Twilight Porn, My Clack, Official OverLores Hiatus Status


Greetings folks!

It’s been a long, long time since we’ve recorded anything / posted anything, and that is entirely my fault.

I’ve talked about this a bit on Twitter, but haven’t made an official announcement which is very much not cool, and I do apologize about that – The OverLores is now on official hiatus status.  I’m not playing WoW at the moment, having cancelled my sub to take a bit of a breather.  I was getting considerably burned out and it got to the point where I simply wasn’t enjoying my time in game, so it was time for me to step back.

When I do return to WoW, know that The OverLores will be back in full swing.

For now though, the gang got together to record a Heroically Random episode, and moving forward we are going to be doing these with more regularity.  Not entirely sure of the format just yet, but we’re working on a few ideas and look forward to recording together more frequently, as we are all good friends and hate that our crazy schedules prevent us from talking more.

I’ll be setting up a new feed for future Heroically Random shows, likely posting them on my own site, because it wouldn’t be cool to continue to use Fimlys’s bandwidth if I’m not producing a WoW show :)

Stay tuned to all of our Twitters for more announcements for future HR goodness.

Cheers folks!





Heroically Random Episode 1! Steam Summer Sale + Beer + The Avengers


Heroically Random Episode 1! Steam Summer Sale + Beer + The Avengers

What happens when Ril flubbs the show notes and picks a topic that is essentially uncoverable?  Heroically Random, that’s what!  This is the conversation that took place between Rilandune, Nevik, and Kharendos after finding out that Ril’s plans for the evening were moot.

Sadly Tarinae could not join us because Ril sent out the invite day-of.  Sorry Tar!!! <3

We talk gaming, the Steam Summer Sale, comic books, beer, movies, The Avengers, and more.

Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy!

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