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Heroically Random Episode 0


Heroically Random Episode 0

You read that right, this is in fact episode 0 of Heroically Random!

Scheduling conflicts have plagued the OverLores crew of late, and when given the opportunity to record, we took it, despite having nothing set in terms of lore content. This is, in fact, the OFFICIAL Beer, Hulu, and Firefly show.

Rilandune and Nevik wax poetic about some random geeky things, and have some fun doing so.


The OverLores Episode 21 – A Samurai Toucan Among Us


The OverLores Episode 21 – A Samurai Toucan Among Us

Ladies and Gents we are joined this week by none other than Mike Schramm of TIPOAA, The Incredible Podcast of Amazing Awesomeness!

Unfortunately towards the end of the recording our 3 audio tracks started de-sync’ing, it was driving me crazy trying to edit it back to normal, so instead I just basically cut the end, took Mike’s track only for the closing, and called it a night.

We had a great recording, fun was had by all, and we thank Mike for joining us!


The OverLores Episode # 20 – Been A Long Long Time


The OverLores Episode 20 – Been A Long Long Time

We are back! Very sorry about the long, very unplanned for break. Between schedules not syncing and both Nevik and Rilandune becoming zombies (got the flu) two different weeks, it was just impossible for us to get together to record. We finally got together this week and despite Ril (me) being noticeably congested and succumbing to yet another zombification (I just love my coworkers and their terrible hygiene and propensity for closs-talking, /sarcasm) we had a great show.

There was no set lore topic really, just a catching up, and some announcements and requests made on our part.

We would like to hear from you all out there in podcast land. We’d love to hear more feedback via email ( and we are looking for folks in the community to submit audio segments. I know there are a great deal of talented audio folks listening so we would love to hear what you come up with in terms of segments for the show!

Also, if there is someone out there you would like us to have as a guest, let us know! If you yourself would like to come on the show, let us know!!


Drinks of the evening:
Rilandune: Anchor Steam Beer (that was a mistake, should have had tea instead)
Nevik: Godiva Caramel Bark coffee
Kharendos: ?

We had so much going on in twitter that we decided to post here the full rundown instead of detail it at the end of the show, so here it is:


From Twitter

Just because Lady Illidarian is awesome
@Boobookittybone: Hiya!

Hijacking Group Quest
@RzBg: @TheOverlores @groupquest and I will keep twitter advised on the arrest of @_damari for epic creepiness :P

@_Damarai: @RzBg @TheOverlores @groupquest This is Damarai coming to you live from RzBg’s bedroom… they’ll never catch me here…

@RzBg: send help! o.0 @_Damarai @TheOverlores @groupquest

@Danslatable: @TheOverlores If my raid wasn’t completely screwed without me (heh), I would’ve come. Darn it…

Regarding the “lost episode 17”
@Rzorblayd: @TheOverlores you guys didn’t do the whole thing in gnome voices, did you? lol

Audio Oddness
@nevikjames: Holy moly. Did @Rilandune & I really talk over each other as much as we did or did Ril edit the heck out of ep18(17)?

@Kharendos: @nevikjames @rilandune @theoverlores Yes.

@RzorBlayd: Listening to it now, there’s a lot of stuff going on lol

@nevikjames: Somehow @Rilandune desync’d my audio track in @TheOverlores ep18(17). I promise you that I don’t walk over Ril like that. Really.

@Rilandune: @TheOverlores @nevikjames that’s really odd, I didn’t adjust the timing on the tracks. Hmmm, very strange. Sorry!

Always knew there was something off about him …
@RzBg: yay for new @TheOverlores with promise of not just gah-nomes but also crazy derailed nonsense… sounds good to me!

When isn’t “Arr Zee Bee Gee” mad?
@RzBg: man @TheOverlores 17/18 really was delayed, I had forgotten my mocking tweets. Totally unfounded, the madness is 100% natural apparently :D

It isn’t his only failing …
@RzBg: @nevikjames and I’ve now heard @TheOverlores @hordehouse and @GGWshow gotten on rzbg=razerbug ‘on air’ #badtwittername :P

Rilandune is WRONG
@gravenau: @TheOverlores @Rilandune @nevikjames damn you Ril for ep 18 making me agree not once but twice with Nevick #moviefail

@Rilandune: @gravenau @TheOverlores Never, ever, ever, EVER agree with @nevikjames – it is very bad for ones health, believe me

@gravenau: @Rilandune @TheOverlores @nevikjames I know look what happened to Steve Jobs after Nevick got him [to] ban my comments

Hygiene is important for an enjoyable listening experience
@Danslatable: Gonna hit the shower, then listen to @TheOverlores while drawing a bit.

Regarding our episode with Matthew Rossi
@RzBg: time for @Theoverlores, it’s off to a good start as I have no idea what’s funny about Steve Nix :-S

@RzBg: @MatthewWRossi making me grin on @TheOverlores being left at 3rd base by the magical man who can read sounds. Now that’s a turn of phrase! XD

We@Rioriel: A for @TheOverlores: “Princes grow into kings, and days fade into nights.” #Warcraft

The people have spoken!
@nevikjames: Fans of @TheOverlores I need your help. We MUST do the Undead starting exp but @Rilandune is being a big baby. Please help me convince him!

@Brejapriest: @nevikjames @theoverlores @rilandune Come on Ril, the Forsaken starting zone is like a horror show and you get to run around with Darnell!

@Cypher_X: @nevijames @theoverlores @rilandune Of all the starting zones I’ve done, the new Undead was the tightest story with the best quests.

@Rilandune: @RzBg @Brejapriest @Cypher_X You are all right, of course. I’ll do the Undead starting zone and release it as an @theoverlores episode 0.o

@RzBg: @Rilandune @Brejapriest @Cypher_X going hold, to RP burn the rest of the @theoverlores? ;P

@RzBg: @Rilandune @nevikjames @TheOverlores before you guys run the forsaken area, check out the KYL by @Shadesogrey it’s a great chin scratcher! [Link included in link section]

Again, what is he babbling about?
@RzBg: awesome cover of call it the blues after @TheOverlores


Anne Stickney’s (Shade) Tin Foil Hat edition KYL on Tirisfal Glades

The OverLores Episode # 19 – The One With Rossi


The OverLores Episode 19 – The One With Rossi

This week we were happy to have Matthew Rossi from WoW Insider. Matt is of course the Warrior and Lore Columnist and this week he joins us for a great discussion of -

Baine Bloodhoof: As Our Fathers Before Us

We would love to hear from you all so please leave a comment here on the site or send us an email to

Sit back, relax, and enjoy, the Baine Bloodhoof story!

The OverLores Episode # 18 – A Gah-Nome Named Mekkatorque!


The OverLores Episode 18 – A Gah-Nome Named Mekkatorque!

Quick note: At the top of the show I introduce it as episode 17, this is because it was recorded prior to our next episode but took so long in the editing that it is coming out as episode 18 instead.

On this very de-railed episode (you’ll see what I mean when you listen), the OverLores crew explores the faction leader short story for the leader of the Gah-Nomes:

Gelbin Mekkatorque: Cut Short

I use the qualification “de-railed” both jokingly and loosely. Nevik, as he is want to do, kept swinging the topic of conversation, but in truth it made for a VERY entertaining show. I had thoughts of editing these sections out, but the process became so cumbersome I decided to simply leave them in, hence the 2 weeks since last posting.

Sit back and enjoy, the Gelbin Mekkatorque story!

Note that our usual closing segment I prefaced by saying it was quite long, which it was, roughly 10 minutes. I’ll be streamlining this in future episodes to take no longer than a few moments.

We secured a guest spot from everyone’s favorite Warrior and Lore Columnist from the WoW Insider Crew – Matt Rossi, to join us for a discussion on Baine Bloodhoof: As Our Fathers Before Us. Look for it soon!


The OverLores Episode # 17 – Lady Illy Classes Up The Joint!


The OverLores Episode 17 – Lady Illy Classes Up The Joint!

An astute listener will likely hear me introduce this show as episode 18, that is because this was recorded after the episode that would have been 17 but that episode was so substantially can considerably derailed by myself, Nevik, and Kharendos, that I found editing it to be more overwhelming than I could handle, so I edited this show first for a simply swap.

Also, I’m certain you’ll notice it’s been a few weeks since we last posted an episode, I repeat the overwhelmed word. Summer is very rough for scheduling, and for me professionally speaking, and the weather hasn’t helped (it’s INSANELY HOT in Philadelphia in summer =( ) and life has just pretty much swallowed me alive and pooh’d me out into the hot, steamy mess that is the North Eastern U.S. and our horrific weather of late.

As for this episode, Illy and I had a FANTASTIC discussion of the Council of the Three Hammers story and as we all know from last we met Lady Illy, she is the awesome.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy Lady Illy and Ril’s conversation of The Council of the Three Hammers faction leader short story!

The OverLores Episode # 16 – Garrosh, Giggles, and Go Mat Go!


The OverLores Episode 16 – Garrosh, Giggles, and Go Mat Go!

We find ourselves being guested by our favorite and most frequent honorary OverLore, Anne Stickney from WoW Insider and All Things Azeroth. And… she brought a friend! That’s right, Mat McCurely from WoW Insider join us for this in depth conversation of the Garrosh Hellscream short story, part of the continuing series of leader stories for the Horde and Alliance – Garrosh Hellscream: Heart of War by Sarah Pine.

It was, as can only be expected from our great guests, a fantastic show with more lore than anyone can handle… which is of course the perfect amount.

Rilandune and Kharendos chaired the conversation for The OverLores.

Sit back and enjoy, Garrosh Hellscream: Heart of War, OverLores style.


Make certain to check out Mat’s video podcast series he is doing on YouTube! It’s called wowMatwow and is all about, you guessed it, WoW! You can find Mat’s user page here:

The OverLores Episode #15 – Illin’ with Illy


The OverLores Episode 315 – Illin’ with Illy

This week The OverLores crew gets ill with Illy, or better none by her full name – Lady Illidarian

We delve headfirst into the Vol’jin leader story, Vol’jin: The Judgement; by Brian Kindregan

We had a great discussion, punctuated by short bursts of rick rolling, and Nevik laughing himself silly… business as usual, naturally.

Drinks of the Evening:
Rilandune: Lionhead’s Pilsner
Nevik: Mammoth Brewing Company Double Nut Brown
Nibuca: The wooder that fish came out of
Kharendos: Tim Horton’s Hot Chocolate (FOR A GOOD CAUSE)
Lady Illidarian: Jagermeister

The OverLores Episode # 14 – Nothing But The Fellas


The OverLores Episode 14 – Nothing But The Fellas

This week it’s just the guys. Our two lovely OverLadies (just coined that phrase, I think I’ll use that more often) were both indisposed at family functions and long travel engagements.

We dove into the game for some Worgen leveling and spent some time in the Darkshore leveling experience.

Drinks of the evening:
Rilandune: Lionshead Pilsner (Kashi TLC soft baked chewie oatmeal choclate chip cookies)
Nevik: Iced Hazelnut Coffee
Kharendos: (mystery drink)
Psynister: Diet Mt. Dew

The OverLores Episode #13 – Raz SMASH Fantastico de Mayo!


The OverLores Episode #13 – Raz SMASH Fantastico de Mayo!

This week we are short one OverLore, Psynister, but we are, in his stead, graced with the presence of Anne Stickney aka. Shade!! You know, our favorite resident lore expert what hangs out with us on a semi regular basis.

A smashing discussion of the lore ensues, out of game naturally. We’ve wrapped up the Curse of the Worgen series discussioun and chat about all things World of Warcraft Lore.

Drinks of the evening:
Rilandune: Mexican Wooder
Tarinae: Razz SMASH!
Nevik: Negra Modelo
Kharendos: Wooder
Shade: Coffee, pomegranate & blueberry wooder

Episode Resource: 4.1 Trailer

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