Strap in OverLores fans, this is the longest audio show we’ve ever posted.  This is the audio from the 7 part video series that we’ve been producing since the last audio show.

If you haven’t been checking out our YouTube channel, head over there now!  ( )

Here for your listening pleasure is roughly three and one half hours of audio pleasure, taken directly from the above mentioned 7 part video series that has been published to our YouTube channel.  Many people have asked for these to be published as audio as well, due to not being able to watch the videos (mostly at work, don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone you’re listening to podcasts at work either… lord knows I listen to more than my fair share during office hours ;)

This is, of course, The OverLores crew taking on the Pandaren Starting Zone questing and lore experience from the very start, to the very end.