Greetings Folks!

You have of course noticed that we haven’t posted a show in the last 2 weeks.  Naturally, We Blame Ril (that’d be me).

Work has been absolutely, obnoxiously, and ridiculously busy, extending my already ludicrous hours even further, wearing me out considerably, and rendering me near comatose by the time I actually leave the office.  Add to that my decent into zombification – thanks to the gentleman I work with who is a great guy but is Patient Zero in the inevitable zombie apocalypse AND a close-talker.

Those two factors combine to form “Super-Useless-Ril” - unable to leap tall buildings in any number of bounds, keep his eyes open once recording time comes around, or speak with any semblance of the English language.  Hence, no show recordings these past 2 weeks.

However YOU, yes YOU can take advantage of my plague ridden, exhausted state by entering into our contest - The #IBlameRil Contest!

“How do I enter?” you might ask.  It’s easy!  You can leave a comment on this post on our website (, like and comment on this post on our Facebook page (, +1 and comment on this post on our Google+ page (, or send us message on Twitter (@TheOverLores) with the hash tag #IBlameRil.

In your comment or your tweet simply list something that has happened in World of Warcraft either to you or to a friend or guildie, or even make up a circumstance, that you blame Ril (me) for.  Be creative!  The most creative response will win a Sandbox Tiger loot card!!  We will then chose two random responses, one of which will receive the Paint Bomb loot card, and  the other the Slash Dance loot card.


Contest ends September 25th (I wonder why I picked that date?) after which the judging will take place, and loot codes will be sent via email, DM, Facebook message, G+ message, etc. within a week.  Know that no priority or favored status is assigned to any of the means of entering, all entries will go into the same pool.  Multiple entries, ie. entering at each of the contest locations, is absoultely allowed, and each entry will enter into the mix for the random response prizes, even if it is the same moment you are blaming Ril for, so feel free to enter your terrible happenstance that you blame Ril for on each platform!



PS. While on these platforms, make sure to subscribe to, follow, circle, like, the show’s page so that you can receive future info about audio and video shows being posted, contests, questions for the audience, etc.!!