The OverLores Episode 26 – Feelings, a Mullet, and a Keytar!

This week Ril and Nevik are joined by none other than the LeetSauced crew! (Make sure to check out the LeetSauced podcast, but be forewarned, they are definitely an NSFW show, not the family-friendly-fair of The OverLores, but it is a raucously good time!). You can find the shows twitter account here:

What happened this past week? Wait, you don’t know… seriously? Yes you do! Mists of Pandaria information embargo drops!

So we 5 had a great discussion of snippets of the Mists news we gleaned from such places as MMO-Champion –

We could not possibly go over all the Mists goodness there is to be had, so stay tuned for more fun-filled OverLores shows such as this!

Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy!