On this episode of The OverLores, the intrepid Worgen explorers bid farewell to Gilneas as they have finished their starting zone leveling and experience.

We moved on to Darnassus and marvel at the beauty of the Elven home. We are welcomed into the fold and can now launch ourselves into the questline and lore of Darkshore, to discover the story behind the destruction of this once fair land.

We spoke about recent star-star, star-star-star reviews and communication on twitter. And fun, of course, was had by all!

Thanks to Zak Hood for the iTunes 5-star review!

Drinks of the Evening (Nibuca one for epic drink, no contest)
Rilandune: Anchor Small Beer (San Francisco’s own)
Psynister: Diet Dr. Pepper
Tarinae: Smirnoff Ice Triple Black (Totally NOT beer)
Nevik: Wells & Young Banana Bread Beer
Nibuca: A glass of Tej: Ethopian Honey Wine ( <- WIN)