Hey guys, it’s Tarinae!

If you’ve been doing your Azerothian Civil Duty and listening to The OverLores’ Podcast, you know that we, courtesy of Rilandune, are holding a contest for rare and EPIC lewtz! For the rare prize we have 3 hardback copies of The Curse of the Worgen and for these to be awarded, we are achieving BOTH 25 facebook likes and 100 star star star-star-star iTunes reviews! Here’s the update!

As of today, we now have 25 likes! Way to go guys, that is so awesome and the first objective for the contest is complete! Be sure to check out our OFFICIAL facebook link at http://facebook.com/theoverlores!

This also means that we are halfway to the likes needed for the EPIC rewards; for that we need:

  • 500 Twitter Followers (53/500)
  • 50 Facebook Likes (25/50)
  • 200 Star Star Star-Star-Star Reviews (5/200)

So dear listeners, strive for that EPIC loot and get to writing those iTunes reviews!