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The OverLores Episode 5 – All Things Azeroth invades!


Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tonight I would suggest a hearty soup or anything substantial for the Overlores have fallen completely off the rails … how lucky for you! We welcomed Medros and Shade from All Things Azeroth to fill in for Nibuca and Psynister who unfortunatley could not join us this fine February evening.

In this episode we discuss Firefly, Hulu and beer! Oh wait, there was some good lore discussion to be had as well. While we were on task, we delved the depths of Shade’s worgen knowledge, the fluidity of the lore and Rilandune’s mispronunciations.

Join us next time as we attempt to bring the show back to the rails while avoiding virtual snowballs and the Reavers.

Drinks of the Evening:
Rilandune: Walt Whitman Ale
Nevik: Mississippi Mud Black & Tan
Medros: Diet Pepsi w/ fantasy rum in a Stormwind Mug
Shade: Bailey’s Irish Creame w/ a splash of coffee
Tarinae: PepsiMax

Links to resources used for this episode:
World of Warcraft China-client pictures:
Internet Dragons!:



The OverLores Episode #4 (3.14) The PI is NOT a lie!


Episode Four (3.14) – Wednesday February 9th, 2011

Welcome ladies and gentlemen once more!

This week we have a special guest!  Kharendos, in a last minute turn of events, agreed to hop on the show with us this evening and join in on a discussion of the comic book series “The Curse of the Worgen” books 1 and 2.

It was a fun filled night of mispronunciations and uncontrolled laughter, mostly because of Ril being taken over by the Zombie plague……. again.

You can follow Kharendos on twitter, and we hope to have him back on the show soon as he was a great help in discussing the comic series!

On a sad note, Psynister was able to log on, however Murphy was against him, and his mic was broken and he could not record with us.  We hope to have him back in the “studio” next week, as I know everyone is missing the Texan.

Drinks of the Evening:

Rilandune: His daughter’s apple juice box
Tarinae: pretending it isn’t H2O – termite juice o.O
Nevik: Samuel Smith Tadcaster Oatmeal Stout
Kharendos: Halls lozenges

The OverLores – Episode #3 – Questionable Ettin Intelligence


Episode Three – Wednesday February 2nd, 2011

Welcome ladies and gentlemen once more!

I trust by now that you’ve settled in, snuggled up with a blanket and are enjoying a tasty beverage for we have returned again … how lucky for you! Once again we are down a host as Psynister had to abandon his internets in favor of staying warm during the Snowpocalypse/Icemageddon ’11. Fret not, Psyn should rejoin us next episode and our furry band of worgen will be whole once more.

In this episode we nix the other-media discussion (mainly since Ril hadn’t yet picked up Curse of the Worgen issue 3) and head straight in to pick up where we left off, framing the Forsaken for the theft of an ettin’s favorite tiger-skinned banner.

After “making nice” with the ettin we proceeded into Stormglen only to discover that Gwen hadn’t checked in enough to become the mayor. (Sorry, 4sq reference!) We also learn of Nevik’s disdain for spiders, discover the link between the Worgen curse and the Night Elves and finish of the evening with Genn Greymane revealing the he too, is a Worgen. Shocking!

Join us next episode as we continue our perilous journey, make sense of the chaos around us and recite a lyric or two.

Drinks of the Evening:

Rilandune: Honeybush, red tea from South Africa (How exotic!)
Tarinae: Boring Wooder … again?!
Nibuca: Milk, it does a body good
Nevik: Michelob Amber Bock

**Edit by Rilandune:  For those curious about the ending of the show, and Nevik’s reading of Neil Diamond lyrics with the intention of annoying me, simple explanation is that a week or so ago I was complaining loudly on Twitter about my company’s owner deciding to play a Neil Diamond station throughout the building all day.  I was forced to listen to Neil Diamond the entire day and I was not happy about it.  No offense to Neil Diamond fans, but his music is garbage.  A few folks on twitter decided to quote lyrics to me all day, Nevik and OutlandishMatt were among them.  anexxia and smoochety were more sympathetic thankfully.

I will be returning this offense back onto Nevik somehow.  Haven’t figured it out quite yet.**

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