Episode Two – Wednesday January 26th, 2011

Welcome once again ladies and gentlemen!

Hope you have a big bag of popcorn for in this episode we ramble on for an eternity. Well, okay, it was only a hour … how lucky for you! (We were even a host down as Psynister was unfortunately chained to his desk!) In this inter-”weather” plague spreading episode we discuss the short story “Lord of His Pack” by James Waugh.

After a lengthy discussion of how Rilandune grows tiresome of fantasy writing we conclude that everyone should go read James Waugh’s fantastic short story and then head in-game to continue the evacuation of Duskhaven. There’s little of Ril leading us astray with incorrect pop-culture references, but fear not, he is corrected a couple of times. Fimlys of the Twisted Nether Blogcast even makes an off-mic “appearance” by explaining why there are no worgen Paladins.

We finish the night off by returning to Prince Liam Greymane who valiantly buried the dead while waiting for our help. Join us next episode where we go ogre hunting and try to figure out where the heck ettins came from.

Drinks of the Evening:

Rilandune: Brawler Pugilist Style Ale by Yards (Local Philly Brewery)
Tarinae: Boring water
Nibuca: Fantasy H2O
Nevik: Black and Tan (Half Guinness, half Bass Pale Ale)