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The OverLores – Episode #2 – A Psynister-less Plot!


Episode Two – Wednesday January 26th, 2011

Welcome once again ladies and gentlemen!

Hope you have a big bag of popcorn for in this episode we ramble on for an eternity. Well, okay, it was only a hour … how lucky for you! (We were even a host down as Psynister was unfortunately chained to his desk!) In this inter-”weather” plague spreading episode we discuss the short story “Lord of His Pack” by James Waugh.

After a lengthy discussion of how Rilandune grows tiresome of fantasy writing we conclude that everyone should go read James Waugh’s fantastic short story and then head in-game to continue the evacuation of Duskhaven. There’s little of Ril leading us astray with incorrect pop-culture references, but fear not, he is corrected a couple of times. Fimlys of the Twisted Nether Blogcast even makes an off-mic “appearance” by explaining why there are no worgen Paladins.

We finish the night off by returning to Prince Liam Greymane who valiantly buried the dead while waiting for our help. Join us next episode where we go ogre hunting and try to figure out where the heck ettins came from.

Drinks of the Evening:

Rilandune: Brawler Pugilist Style Ale by Yards (Local Philly Brewery)
Tarinae: Boring water
Nibuca: Fantasy H2O
Nevik: Black and Tan (Half Guinness, half Bass Pale Ale)

The OverLore’s – Episode 1

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen!

Once again it isn’t safe for your children to be out for the OverLore’s have convened to explore the lore for you. How lucky for you! In this delightful episode we talk about how incredibly cold the weather is in California and Rilandune shows off by discussing the comic Warcraft: Curse of the Worgen.

After a very one-sided discussion of the comics (Ril sure can talk a lot, you know) we head in to the game to pick up where we left off: Duskhaven. It is here where we continue our obsession with shirtless men, exploding gun barrels and discuss political ramifications of the Forsaken encroaching on Gilean territority and Godfrey’s motivations. There’s talk of pop-culture references such as Terminator, Children of the Corn and I’m on a BOAT.

We finish our journey by reuniting with Gwen Armstead and get ready for the evacuation of Duskhaven after a huge earthquake swallows most of the farmsteads. Join us next time where we’ll wrangle horses and save an old lady’s cat.

Drinks of the evening:

Rilandune: Mint Tea (Poor sick Ril)
Nibuca: Pina Colada
Psynister: Hot Chocolate
Tarinae: Raspberry Lemonade w/ Raspberry Rum
Nevik: Pyramid Haywire Hefeweizen

The OverLores – Episode ZERO! We have arrived.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is no longer safe to let your children run in the streets, for among you are five that seem trustworthy, that seem honorable, and most of all they seem sane. However I can tell you this, those assumptions are all very, very wrong. Particularly the last, but that goes without saying.

Yes folks, we have done it. We finally got 5 (actually 6) calendars to sync up for our first recording. The intention truly was for this to be a very loose, casual first go of the show. More of a night for each of us to get to know one another on a larger and more intimate scale than through twitter communication and blog post comments.

What resulted was a 2 hour recording. A full blown show. In fact it’s longer than we intend the weekly shows to take place. Originally I had thought to ask Fimlys to cut it in half. Yet, having an ep. 0 and an ep. 0.5 seemed both silly and nearing lunacy. Therefore, I give to you…

Episode ZERO – The Gathering of The OverLores! We have arrived.

What you will hear is very much our first run. This episode really wasn’t supposed to take place in this format. I really had thought we would just be talking, introducing ourselves, talking about role-playing, talking about how we’ll be playing our new characters. Then, as I said, 2 hours had past and we had begun leveling and going into our impressions of the Gilnean conflict.

So, please take my word for it and know that this is not really going to be the format for the shows to come. In truth, we don’t know exactly what those shows will feel like. Similar, mind you, but as the show progresses, as is the case with all projects such as these, it will grow and mature and flesh itself out into the form that we will inevitably just fall into and feel comfortable in.

Right now, I urge you to listen, get comfortable, and get accustomed to hearing our voices, because this is a project that has a lot of heart, and will go places, I promise you that.

We would appreciate, above all else, commenting on the show. Here on the blog, on iTunes and Zune, sending us emails, messages on twitter. We want to hear what the community has to say, this is a community driven show and we want to know what you folks like, don’t like, and want to hear. Ask questions, make us do our homework. The more feedback we receive, the better the show will be. I promise you that!

We can be contacted by these means:

Thank you folks, and we all look forward to hearing from you, and look forward to having you, hear from us!



PS. This Post will feature on both the TN main page and the OverLores page as well.

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